Shelby and Matt


Shelby and Matt Love story

   “Love is a spellbinding intoxication, more potent than the finest of wines.”
Gerard Montipleux

          Ms. Shelby Yard and Mr. Matt Dudley joined their lives together on
June 25th, 2016. Other than the hot temperature that is so characteristic of Georgia in the summer, the weather was beautiful.
A near cloudless blue sky and bright sunshine which seemed to reflect the celebratory notion that was thick in the air. Shelby and Matt were joining their lives together in love, and their joy was evident to all in attendence.

Surrounded by friends and family these two refreshingly kind individuals got dressed up, met each other at the altar, made vows to one another, and sealed it all with a kiss.

          Then the real party began.

There was dancing, music, cheering, clapping, feasting, laughing and sincere, celebratory well-wishes for this couple who just took the only logical step that two people can take together who have decided that they never want to live without each other.

       Amidst the beautiful decor and the charming and smiling faces, there was the very real sense that Shelby and Matt possess a deep, lasting joy in their unioun together that will serve as a solid rock foundation upon which they will build this new life together.

            Cheers to you Shelby and Matt!  May the longevity of your life together be equaled by the depth of your love for each other!


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