True Love


‘To love is to lose your heart and find it again safely within the heart of your beloved.”
               -Malchus Ophelia
         There are so many ways to describe love, yet simple words seem to fall so short.  No other concept in the history of the world has even come close to captivating the attention of humanity the way that the concept of love has.
          Though words fall short, I will share one word with you that comes to mind when I think of the love that Jessica and I saw that exists between Seyward and Asa during our time with them when we photographed them for their engagement session recently. That word is: pure.
           There is something pure and un-polluted, something crystal clear about the love that Seyward and Asa exhibit for each other. When you are around them, you cannot help  but get a sense that these two love each other in a way that has not been tainted at all by the dark shadows of bitterness or pain that so often darken the hearts of some others in relationships where heartache has had its way.
           Seyward and Asa have none of those negative things between the two of them.
          There is a purity to their love that is like a cold, refreshing drink of water on a scorching summers day. Being around them is refreshing, and that is exactly what love should do to the heart…refresh it and restore it.
          We hope you enjoy these images of a young couple in the dawn of their life together. Jess and I are honored to be photographing their wedding as well in November and we will be happy to share more images of this delightful couple with you then.
            Congrats Seyward and Asa, you guys have got what it takes to show this world what true love looks like!