A radiant love Story



Shelby and Matt


Shelby and Matt Love story

   “Love is a spellbinding intoxication, more potent than the finest of wines.”
Gerard Montipleux

          Ms. Shelby Yard and Mr. Matt Dudley joined their lives together on
June 25th, 2016. Other than the hot temperature that is so characteristic of Georgia in the summer, the weather was beautiful.
A near cloudless blue sky and bright sunshine which seemed to reflect the celebratory notion that was thick in the air. Shelby and Matt were joining their lives together in love, and their joy was evident to all in attendence.

Surrounded by friends and family these two refreshingly kind individuals got dressed up, met each other at the altar, made vows to one another, and sealed it all with a kiss.

          Then the real party began.

There was dancing, music, cheering, clapping, feasting, laughing and sincere, celebratory well-wishes for this couple who just took the only logical step that two people can take together who have decided that they never want to live without each other.

       Amidst the beautiful decor and the charming and smiling faces, there was the very real sense that Shelby and Matt possess a deep, lasting joy in their unioun together that will serve as a solid rock foundation upon which they will build this new life together.

            Cheers to you Shelby and Matt!  May the longevity of your life together be equaled by the depth of your love for each other!

Seyward and Asa / A Love Story


‘To love is to lose your heart and find it again safely within the heart of your beloved.”
               -Malchus Ophelia
         There are so many ways to describe love, yet simple words seem to fall so short.  No other concept in the history of the world has even come close to captivating the attention of humanity the way that the concept of love has.
          Though words fall short, I will share one word with you that comes to mind when I think of the love that Jessica and I saw that exists between Seyward and Asa during our time with them when we photographed them for their engagement session recently. That word is: pure.
           There is something pure and un-polluted, something crystal clear about the love that Seyward and Asa exhibit for each other. When you are around them, you cannot help  but get a sense that these two love each other in a way that has not been tainted at all by the dark shadows of bitterness or pain that so often darken the hearts of some others in relationships where heartache has had its way.
           Seyward and Asa have none of those negative things between the two of them.
          There is a purity to their love that is like a cold, refreshing drink of water on a scorching summers day. Being around them is refreshing, and that is exactly what love should do to the heart…refresh it and restore it.
          We hope you enjoy these images of a young couple in the dawn of their life together. Jess and I are honored to be photographing their wedding as well in November and we will be happy to share more images of this delightful couple with you then.
            Congrats Seyward and Asa, you guys have got what it takes to show this world what true love looks like!



The Heart Of Portraits



The Heart of Family Portraits… or “Oh man, do we really need to do this?!”

Family portrait sessions. For Jessica and I at Beauty Unveiled Studios, they are a cause to be excited because we get to be a part of telling a families story. But what comes to your mind when you think about having pictures made of your family? Perhaps your first thought is of concern about how to coordinate everyone’s schedules to make it happen. Or perhaps you immediately begin to ponder what type of outfits you can all wear to coordinate with one another. Perhaps you are contemplating the lecture about money better spent elsewhere by your well meaning spouse, or the inevitable sigh and rolling of the eyes from your teenage offspring when you tell them about their opportunity to stand awkwardly in front of the camera with you, their annoying eight year old brother Billy, and perhaps also their weird Uncle Jack and Aunt Sue and their spawn. Of course I am speaking in hyperbole to emphasize the very real thought process that goes on in the mind of the one who first has the inkling to have pictures made of their family. However the protests from other family members may manifest, at the heart of them all is one root question: “Oh man, do we really need to do this?”

The answer to that question is simple: No.  No family “needs” to have family portraits made. If indeed a family doesn’t choose to have family portraits made, you may save yourself from having to deal with the challenges I mentioned in the paragraph above. If no portraits are ever made of a family, the world will continue to spin, life will go on….and time will pass as it always has. Without family portraits, your life with your spouse will continue to progress through its life stages, your children will continue to grow and have new experiences, your dog will continue to stand at your door every day whining to go outside only to go out for two minutes and sniff some grass before coming right back to the door to whine to come back inside.

With no family portraits, life will go on…as always.

The problem with us as human beings, is we tend to have a limited brain capacity to remember those all important snapshots of the phases of our families lives as we progress through them at blinding speed. Think back, using only your memory…what did your child wear to school on his first day of kindergarten? Was your hair up or down on your tenth anniversary date? How small was your family dog when he was only a puppy? Sure, you may remember the details vaguely…but can you see them in vivid color and detail? A picture, as they say, truly is worth a thousand words, and having a photographic collection of these all important life phases of your family proves to be an essential way of preserving those moments for you and your family…forever.

So why a family portrait session with Beauty Unveiled Studios? The answer is simple: Jessica and I believe that every family has a story and we want to serve you by providing you the means of preserving and telling yours.

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